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An integral part of ‘wellness’ is the freedom and opportunity to take up space. It’s something most of us struggle with — the belief that our impulse to push up against the edges of our lives is valid. That we can, indeed, claim every inch of embodiment we might seek to fill, without apology.

Our Nomadic community is a place to explore both outer and inner landscapes. Let us show you how worthy you are to pursue your own growth and healing by offering facilities (and facilitators) to hold and guide you. Here you’ll find spaciousness that actually allows you to dig deeper, to lean further in. The kind of expansive inhale that makes the release of the exhale that much more restorative. And whether your personal avenues to understanding come through isolation or through processing in community, you’ll find the possibility for both during your time with us.


From individual workshops to multi-day retreats, our offerings will be rooted in full body wellness without any spiritual bypass or dogma. Sound healing, yoga, breathwork, guided ceremonies, meditation, lunar embodiment rituals, conscious connection opportunities, and the ever-present call to rediscover nature’s rhythms and mysteries as you explore the property both by day, and by night.

Solitude can be more than simply the absence of other people — perhaps it demands miles of open territory, a horizon line that stretches out before you. Breathing can be more than ‘in’ and ‘out’ — it might be chanting, screaming, moaning, roaring. Healing can be more than a physical experience — it often requires a fluid conversation between your body, mind, and spirit to fully integrate.

How big can you be? How present can you be? How connected can you be?  Come explore our Nomadic spaces and find out.



"Once you strip yourself of prescribed labels and connect with your rawest form, you arrive at the moment of true inspiration."  – The Colony


Each of us should feel empowered to seek what we are craving. The desire for freedom doesn’t have a demographic, nor does it dress a certain way, or assign itself to any particular gender identity or skin color. ‘Freedom’ doesn’t belong to any particular group of people (though we recognize there are insidious structures that want us to believe otherwise) and no one else can define what it means for you – individuality is the essence, and the beacon guiding you toward escape.


Remove ego and artifice, societal masks and necessary survival techniques, and you’ll discover that we are all just travelers on a journey – valid in our existence and, most likely, looking for more. Each of us is worthy, and each of us contains an entire universe just waiting to be explored. Trust that this is your time. Trust that this is your invitation.



"A place for creation without distraction. A place to collaborate in equity and equality. A place to follow inspiration with no fear of judgement or limiting beliefs. Let's build something better, together."  — The Colony

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When Kecho and his partners purchased DeAnza Springs Resort, and the dream of our Nomadic landscape began to take shape, it quickly took on an energetic life-force of its own: demanding very clearly to be something noteworthy, something revolutionary. This area began to speak to him, and it spoke of a new paradigm.

And so we, a team of creators and idealists, have gathered to heed the call — inspired by Kecho’s vision, and working together to make it a reality. We bring a multitude of backgrounds and skill-sets, while sharing a common interest in pressing up against the edges of life and discovering what we’re all capable of. What better place to explore these concepts than on a truly unique property inside of a spiritual and energetic vortex? This land has already moved each of us in individual ways, and we’re eager to offer you the same experience.


Meanwhile, we also happen to hold one of the only clothing-optional permits in San Diego county. Part of our mission is to reclaim ‘nudity’ by dismantling outdated stigmas and stereotypes. DeAnza Springs Resort is the largest residential naturalist community in Southern California, and as our Nomadic community takes root on one half of the shared property, we are working to encourage body positivity, acceptance, and liberation for all who desire to explore these ideals in a safe and supportive space.

Our team is dreaming up wellness retreats, mind-expanding ceremonies and events, gatherings of like-minded community, music festivals, and a thriving artist collective. We’re building stages and structures, unique glamping-style accommodations, inspired art installations, and on-site amenities befitting of a true desert oasis. Innovation is the golden thread woven through everything, keeping us tethered to the ultimate goal: EXPANSION.

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