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The experience starts in a giant shared space — Is it a warehouse? A workshop? There are people, and materials, everywhere. The energy is electric with ideation and collaboration, an artist collective in symbiotic motion. Manifestations of shapes, colors, and forms are floating through the air, seeking an available mind to channel them forward. Will it be you?

We believe that vision comes more willingly if you create a welcoming portal for it. Inspiration has a tendency to slip around, sidestep and evade even the most dedicated seekers. So often a tease. At The Colony, our focus is on providing deliberate opportunities for channeling of all kinds — whatever wants to move through you is encouraged here. Our logic is that if an inclusive, expansive, uninhibited environment is cultivated, how can inspiration be far behind?


We are building structures inside of which creation can flourish. A forge for all the metal workers and welders. A pottery wheel and kiln if throwing clay is your meditation and medium. An on-site collection of found objects and materials to be examined and used at your whim. Not to mention, a communal center for collaborative idea-generation and vision-holding. Artists need other artists to mirror and reflect their own potential, to define and hone innovative concepts, to discover new ways of exploring imaginative impulses. We are laying the foundation for our residents to achieve a higher level of creative consciousness — the kind that is possible when given the correct amount of space, liberation, and support.


How can you not tap into the golden flow when you’re surrounded by so many others doing the same? Let’s work together to pull those castles right out of the sky and set them gently into these desert sands.



Artists are the bridge-builders. The ones who give a voice to the things we often cannot seem to say — to each other, and to ourselves. Artists push communities to engage thoughtfully and make steps toward social progress, questioning the status quo through kaleidoscopic lenses. Without them the emotional center of life, and its meaning, would slip away.

At The Colony, we believe art and visionary potential should be sanctified and protected at all costs. We are seeking to dismantle any and all barriers to creation, and believe collaboration is at the heart of this effort. Lifting each other up, mirroring excitement, bouncing ideas, openly offering what we have to give while also receiving what we need — these concepts shouldn’t seem so radical, but they can be lost to lack mentality and imagined competition.

What if we all agree that when an individual rises, we all rise? What if we commit to the idea that a personal win is also a collective win — that the vibration is always getting higher with every stroke of inspiration that moves through any one of us?

The energy of this area, the spaciousness of the landscape, offers a fertile proving ground for creative expression of all kinds. With this in mind, one of our most exciting initiatives on the property is our artist collective and residency program. Through a thoughtful and rigorous application process, we will be hosting makers and innovators of all modalities for both short- and long-term stays, during which they will have the opportunity to utilize our facilities and materials to explore projects they may have only ever dreamed of bringing to fruition, while also contributing to the creative evolution and footprint of our Nomadic spaces.

Getting excited about the possibilities here? Does this sound like an aligned vision for your next great creative endeavor? Visit the Artist Residency Program page for more details on applying for a residency with our collective, and why this might just be the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

Art is vulnerable, but inside the confines of this space, it can be brave and free. Let’s build something revolutionary

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